Zap is a relaxing, minimalist logic puzzle game based on logic gates found in computer chips. You're currently playing an in-development version of this game and I encourage anyone with constructive feedback to reach out.

If you are interested in making puzzles for this game please let me know. While there is no official pipeline for user created puzzles at this time, I can accommodate people who are keen to contribute.

Make sure to follow along with the devlogs at each major release, and for my info follow me on Twitter, or join my mailing list on my website.

StatusIn development
Rated 3.7 out of 5 stars
(3 total ratings)
TagsMinimalist, Relaxing

Development log


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Hey man! Super game! Really love the concept. However, most of the levels are easily solved through randomly clicking the on-off on the buttons, except for the last one.

The first few ones are fine, as they’re teaching the concept of the game really well. If you design the non-tutorial puzzles to have a counter-intuitive twist in ‘m, you’ll be closer to the puzzle experience this game would be great with!

Props! Love the aesthetic, keep up the great work. Will definitely drop you a follow! Can’t wait to see where the project goes!

Thanks Bram :) v0.3.0 is going to have an overhaul of the puzzles, now the puzzle creation pipeline is locked.

Keen to hear your thoughts when that's out, thanks for taking the time to give this one a go :)

This game was fun honestly, It could use some background noises and all that, but either than that I love it :))

Much love


Thanks Wizzy, agreed I'll add some notes to make the backgrounds a but more dynamic!

Cool, cant wait for the update!

much love <3